Kingston Uptown Business Association – 2015 Board Meeting Minutes Copy

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KUBA_UptownProudThe Kingston Uptown Business Association (KUBA) meets the first Wednesday morning of the month at 8:45 at Catskill Hudson Bank, located at 95 Schwenk Drive in Kingston.

KUBA members are always welcome to attend, but seating is very limited.  Discussion at the meetings will be strictly limited to the agenda established for that day. Any requests to present or to be part of the agenda must be made at least one-two weeks in advance by submitting an email to:

Minutes for each meeting are approved by the Board at the following meeting (for example, the minutes for July were approved by the Board at the August meeting). Once approved, those minutes will be added to this page.

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No meeting – Snowflake Festival


KUBA Minutes- November 4, 2015

Attending:  Garrity, P Bender-Tymon, Quilty, Tampasis, Perry, Vanacore, Soliva, Jordan, B Tymon, Loizou, Tonner, Turco Levin, Airhart

Guests:   Scott Roeber, Seche, Cahill, Potter

Excused: Jacobi & Oderkirk

Meeting started at 8:45 am

October Minutes – Tymon made a motion to approve the minutes from the October Meeting, seconded by Tampasis, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Loizou stated that there is a balance of $10657.30 in the account.  We have an insurance payment due in December.  Bob Ryan has not sent bill yet.  Jordan Motioned to pay $1000 owed to CIX,  Quilty second the motioned.  Approved unanimously.   Is there an annual fee with CIX?  P. Tymon will check on it and get back to us with due date. Soliva motioned to approve Treasurer’s report, Levin second the motion.

Garrity mentioned that the two weeks free parking in December has not gone well in the past few years.  They may discontinue it. Employees of local businesses go to work early and occupy all of the spaces.  It defeats the purpose.  The free parking is supposed to be for local shoppers, not employees.  Seche mentioned that he believes that the City has done away with the free parking, but he will check on it and get back to us.

Permit parking is available in the Uptown parking lots.  These permits are Fifty dollars annually and are available to everyone. To obtain a permit go to the City of Kingston website. Permits run from May 1st through October 31st, renewing on November 1st. A replacement permit is ten dollars.

Pike Plan
Perry mentioned that the forensic bid has been reviewed.  Perry is hoping that it is on the agenda for the Finance Committee meeting on November 10th.   Curb cut has been completed.  Stairs will be completed on time.  Perry also mentioned that there will be a new Pike plan Board in May of 2016.  The board will need a new Chair.  Architect, Scott Roeber was welcomed at the meeting.  Scott will be advising on Pike plan issues and remedies.


Snowflake Festival
Jordan will be taking care of doing the posters & banner.

The Snowflake festival banner will be staked outside of the Hoffman House, or on Frog Alley.  It will be moved to the stage area, the night of the event. Potter has generously offered to sponsor the banner & the posters.

Perry mentioned that the events will be in fifteen minute intervals.  There will be a bike raffle, fire throwers, magician, ice sculpture show, etc. The ice sculptor show will be going throughout the whole festival.  He will be interacting with the children.  Reception to follow at the Johnson Museum.  Loizou will be bringing the food for the reception. Market Basket is providing the desserts and Tonner is providing the Wine. At least 75 people are expected to be in attendance.

Perry said that Postupack is getting an invitation out to all of the dignitaries.

Potter mentioned that 20,000 people are expected to show up for the upcoming train rides.  We will be doing 1000 sheets of flyers to hand out at the train station.

Tampasis has generously offered to sponsor the flyers.

There are 13 bikes for the bike raffle. Seche generously offered to sponsor one of the bike’s for the bike raffle. YMCA will be donating the bike helmets & locks.

Perry would like KUBA to sponsor the last two bikes if no other sponsors come forward.  Airhart motioned for KUBA to sponsor bikes, Quilty second the motion.  Approved unanimously.  Children can go to our website to enter raffle.  It was mentioned that we should have a Press release for the bike raffle.  Potter mentioned Jillian.  Perry will reach out to her.

WBPM’s Bob Miller will be hosting the whole event which has been sponsored by Ulster Savings Bank.  Every Friday morning Bob Miller will be mentioning the upcoming Festival.



Membership Committee
Jordan completed the membership list.  She mentioned that it was very time consuming. We currently have 274 prospective  members.  Goal of December 1st to get new, “one page” bill out to members. .  A business annually is $100, Non-profit is $50 and individual is $25.  Jordan motioned to get new bill approved to send out to members, Quilty second the motion.  Approved unanimously.


Communication Committee
Bender reported that the Minutes for 2015 have been posted to the KUBA website and are now available to the public. They will be available after each monthly meeting as they are approved.

CIX Designs is working on creating the new three tier membership page with Stripe for the website.



Tampasis  –Motion to adjourn

Airhart – Second the motion

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  November 4th, 2015

Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Earl


KUBA Minutes- October 7, 2015

Attending:  Garrity, Oderkirk, P Bender-Tymon, Quilty, Tampasis, Perry, Vanacore, Soliva,  Jordan, B Tymon, Quilty, Jacobi, Loizou & Alvarez

Guests:      Seche,  Cahill, Tinti

Excused: Tonner, Turco-Levin

Meeting started at 8:45 am

September Minutes – Jacobi made a motion to approve the minutes from the September Meeting, seconded by Perry, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
Loizou stated that there is a balance of $5324 in the account. We have an insurance payment due in December and we still owe CIX $1000.  We are still working on giving up the responsibility of the Kiosk.  Loizou also stated that we need new members.  Revenue is extremely low. We have to all make a concerted effort to bring in new members.

Pike Plan:
Perry stressed that we need Business Owner support at the next Finance committee meeting at City Hall, Council Room 1 on October 14th at 6:30.

Curb cut & Stairwell have been started.  They plan to be finished by November 27th.  Elections are in December for new Pike Plan Board members.  Perry will have to be re-appointed by Mayor.

Snowflake Festival:
Plans for the Snowflake Festival are really coming together.  The Snowflake Festival is December 4th, 2015 from 5Pm to 8:30 PM

  • Many School Choirs/Bands will be joining us.
  • Senate House will have Chestnuts and a Horse & Carriage. Santa will be in the Barn and out of the elements. There will also be a Laser Show on the Green.
  • The Firemen’s Museum will have games & Raffles for the children.
  • There will be a huge Bike Raffle. There are 15 Bike Sponsors so far.
  • Bob Miller from WBPM will be the MC and he will raffle off Bikes.
  • There will be a Fire Breather, Twirler & a Magician. We still need sponsors for Face Painting & the Cotton Candy Machine. Loizou volunteered Junior League’s Popcorn machine for the event.
  • Tonner & Safer will host the Reception at the Johnson Museum

Jordan stated that the donation request letter is finished and asked each member at the meeting to approach a business. She handed out a copy of the letter.  It clearly states the benefit to each business depending on the level of commitment.  She will email a copy of the letter to everyone as well.  The letter has a deadline of Oct. 26 in order to include logos on the printed materials.

Police Chief Tinti:
Chief Tinti mentioned that there are Bikes out there in addition to the walking patrol.  He discussed the Police Explore Post and their Alliance with the Boy Scouts and the Boys n Girls Club.  He stated that we need our local kids to become our local cops.  They are proactively building on recruiting our local teens  into this program. There are also Detectives out there focusing on the Youth program..  They are working very hard to have our teens move up and into the Police Academy.  Our regional Academy is at SUNY Ulster.  We have three classrooms and the Gym.

Garrity asked for a synopsis of what Tinti has accomplished in his two year tenure.

Tinti mentioned that he has developed a close relationship with Albany Crime Analysis. Kingston has a much smaller numbers than Albany, but the crime analysis has been very helpful in their designation of officers across Kingston at high crime area locations.

The Special Investigation Unit at the Bus Station has been a huge focus and is helping to keep the drug crime down in Kingston.

The “Beat  Cops”, the Walkers & the Bikers have a very good relationship with other local police forces.  It really helps keep the crime down when all of the forces are working together.

Tinti mentioned that they need the “buy in” that the community really supports their efforts out in the field.  If they receive a complaint about a police officer it is followed up on immediately.  He is looking forward to the Digital Eye Witness Dash Cameras.  They will save an Officer from a bad complaint.

He stated that the police force proactively looks for trouble in their usual high crime areas.

Tinti is also a huge supporter of body cameras that show good police work.  They have been discussed by the Mayor to hopefully have them in the budget at some point in the future.

He is a strong proponent of very strict gun laws and people disobeying gun laws being charged at a high rate. Guns & Drugs unfortunately go hand in hand.

If an owner of a gun has their gun stolen they need to let law enforcement know.  It would make their jobs so much easier.  He is also a huge proponent of locking guns up in the home.  The police department hands out gun locks to people.

Tinti said the police department works very closely with Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms..

They also work very closely with the Sheriff’s department and he feels the problem is the people, not the guns.

Gun crime has gone down in the Kingston area.

Vanacore asked Police Chief Tinti if he could park one of the police officers Uptown to remind drivers that there are Stop signs there now.  Also, he mentioned that the  No Smoking Policy has to be enforced by the beat Cops Uptown. It is not being enforced and there is a tremendous amount of smoking under the canopy and cigarette butts are left everywhere.  Vanacore also stressed that we need signage to enforce traffic laws on Wall & John Street too.  He asked if the Chief   can help enforce these rules.  Tinti agreed that he would to go back and talk to the department about these issues.

“Approved as amendment”  Vanacore mentioned to Chief Tinti  that the Beat Cops Uptown are not enforcing the “no smoking rule under the canopy” . The Officers need  to  do a much better job of enforcing this issue.     It was also mentioned that we need to have better “No Smoking Signage Uptown.

Chief Tinti promised to address this with the department.

Tinti stated we can reach him anytime at: etinti@

Rail Trail:

William Ford was present to plead for us to petition everyone to enforce the railroad tracks remain and not be removed to upgrade the Rail Trail.

He stressed that the railroad tracks are historical and should be left alone. He would like KUBA’s support in his efforts to save the railroad tracks.

Membership Committee:
Soliva stated that he is in the process of scrubbing the lists and to eventually have one list to go to.  The Committee has met and has gotten started streamlining this process, but there is still a lot of work to do.  Cards need to be handed out to potential members.  We need to increase the levels of communication.  Jordan offered to enter the list into excel as they compile it.

Communication Committee:
Bender-Tymon is working on getting information out there to members.  Members – especially newer members – are very interested in the feedback on the website.

He stated that Stripe is very easy to work with.  It creates a  record for every member that uses  it.

Jordan stated that our By-Laws state that we as KUBA are supposed to have four member meetings per year.  Garrity is making a huge  effort to bring everyone together on a monthly basis.


Quilty  –Motion to adjourn

Oderkirk- Seconded

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  November 4th, 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Earl
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KUBA Minutes- September 2, 2015

Attending:  Garrity, Oderkirk, Tonner, P Bender-Tymon, Quilty, Tampasis, Perry, Vanacore, Soliva, Levin, Tampasisi, Jordan, B Tymon, Quilty, Jacobi  &  Loizou

Guests:      Seche,  Widmann, Cahill,  Zweben, Gallo, Strong , Noble, Concra, Blumethal

 August Minutes – Levin  made a motion to approve the minutes from the August Meeting,  seconded by Quilty , approved unanimously.

Garrity opened the meeting with the following items:

  • Kingston Happenings-Kevin presented to KUBA a few months ago with “What’s Happening” in Kingston. If any members want to join as individual business owners he is offering a discount. He suggests a trial period of six months   to really see what the benefits of the membership are.  He is offering an annual discount of 20%. Sometimes things slip through the cracks that affect business owners .  Kevin would like to see  KUBA do a membership for a trial period to really see the benefits
  • Public Service Commission is conducting a study on State of  Communication in NY.  Accepting comments regarding  telecommunication.    Please send your comments to:    cc:
  • Hudson Valley Tech Meet-Up- Garrity will attend.

Joe Concra from O+:  What does KUBA know about O+?   He is not sure that he has communicated well to KUBA and the community.   O+ is bringing new people to our community permanently!  This year’s O+  Festival will have plenty of press this year. There are  65 Bands,   45 Artists and 150 Healthcare providers.  For businesses that are interested in helping out.  “Give what you want as a discount “Six more murals are going up soon in Kingston that Concra is very excited about.

Mayoral Candidate Noble:
Noble stated that he appreciates KUBA’s work and support.   He is excited about the fact that Kingston is growing.  He does have concerns about the parking situation Uptown.  He has plan for the parking situation on his website.  He feels that we need electronic meters and a covered deck over parking garage Uptown with resident parking below it.  He stressed that Kingston needs a Parking  Authority.  There are too many parking needs.

Each area of Kingston has different needs.  Uptown should share in its parking revenue.

He feels that there should be a Museum Alliance. It is a cultural area. Tourists should be able to buy one pass to access all areas.  There should be a cultural Tourism Director.

We need Way- Finders,  KIOSKS  in Uptown Kingston and Public Restrooms.

Kingston needs to align with surrounding communities in regard to the “Homestead Issues” This is how we will move forward and grow.

Mayoral Candidate Gallo:
KUBA and PIKE plan – thanks for all of your work.  We need an alliance between all areas of Kingston.  We need the support of representatives for economic development. Two municipal lots are in great need of repair and it needs to get completed. He is very disappointed in the RFQ and how things have transpired in regard to PIKE plan and issues that were not brought up to code..

Gallo would like to see an alliance with Uptown and the “Burning of Kingston”

And a partnership with  O+. He is excited with Catskill Mtn Railroad and connecting the Rail Trail.

Perry asked Noble how he feels about what is going on with PIKE plan.

Noble responded that Uptown was “done wrong”  What was signed off on??

He feels that whoever is responsible should be held accountable. Court fees outweigh fixing the project.  Should costs go to the individual business?

Gallo answered that “Architect was the one that signed off on it…Architect did not do he Due Diligence”

In-House litigation saved us $100,000.

Treasurer’s Report:
Loizou stated Grant check for $4500 was received.

At least five new members in August.  $6500 needs to be put aside for Snowflake Festival. Loizou needs a budget total for wreaths, etc. for Festival.

Snowflake Festival:
Perry mentioned that plans for the Festival are ahead of schedule. There will be no parade this year.  There will be a block party. Wall & N Front Street will be closed.  Stage will be in Woolworth parking Lot. Tonner is in charge of the Reception.  There are gift basket fundraisers.  There will be displayed in businesses and the business itself will help sell the raffle tickets.

There will be a bike raffle and bikes will be given away at the Festival this year.

Membership Committee:
Soliva in charge of the Membership Committee going forward.  He stressed that we really need to build on membership.

Communication Committee:
Soliva, Bender-Tymon, Oderkirk & Lazio all need to coordinate to help streamline and to help the Communication and Membership Committees run smoothly. Jordan & B. Tymon are the welcoming committee.
Soliva –Motion to adjourn

Oderkirk- Second

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  October 7, 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Earl
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KUBA Minutes- August 5, 2015

Attending:  Garrity, Oderkirk, Tonner, P&B Bender-Tymon, Quilty, Tampasis, Perry

Guests:        Andrew Champ-Doran, Raleigh Green, Bill Knowles and members of the Kingston Volunteer Firemen’s Museum

Excused:    Jordan, Brooks, Searles, Soliva, Turco-Levin, Airhart, Loizou, Jacobi

Minutes;  July 1, 2015 – Quilty made a motion to approve the minutes from Meeting, seconded by Tampasis, approved unanimously.

Garrity opened the meeting with the following items:

  • Verizon will hold meetings in Poughkeepsie and Kingston to discuss FiOS service in the region. Suggested any who could attend Kingston meeting on Friday the 7th to attend.
  • KUBA’s insurance has been re-worked resulting in $300 in annual savings.
  • A quantity of new letterhead has been printed. Email address needed updating.
  • The official KUBA name – the Kingston Uptown Businessmen’s Association – has been changed to the Kingston Uptown Business Association (dropping the ‘men’s’) with an application cost of $30.
  • KUBA is donating $500 for the Kingston Jazz Fest
  • A payment of $1,000 is to be sent to CIX Designs against our balance due.

Communications Committee: 
P. Bender-Tymon confirmed that the Members page was up to the second but for a last minute add for Kingstone Insurance that came in the night before. He also confirmed that the $5 Stripe convenience fee had been added to the web site.

Bender-Tymon then shared a first look at some web site statistics for the KUBA site and the Facebook page.  Since launching in early 2015, the site is averaging approximately 250 visitors a month, of which currently 75% are new visitors.  The KUBA Facebook page confirms that our big promotions are gaining traction reflected by higher numbers vs. non-promotion posts.

Parking Update: 
Perry reported that the Common Council had approved the expenditures for both the curb cut and the steel stairs installation for the lower parking lot. Both projects should be completed before winter.

Snowflake Festival:
Perry said a series of baskets are to be raffled off each month to raise funds for the Snowflake Festival. The current basket is a health and fitness basket. There is also to be a raffle for children’s’ bikes and Perry is seeking bike donations from local businesses

The festival will be an event on Wall Street at North Front instead of a parade this year.  Weather uncertainty was a concern for participants and a localized event will be much easier to manage vs. scattered happenings around Uptown.

Burning of Kingston:
Raleigh Green outlined three days of activities surrounding the event which takes place October 16-18.  A Burning of Kingston web site has been established as has a discount program for local businesses to offer specials or discounts to re-enactors and others dressed in Colonial garb. Any participating businesses will be listed with their logo on the web site.

Raleigh also mentioned that as part of Deisings Bakery’s 50th anniversary on September 27, sponsorships were available for local businesses or individuals for 50 cakes that will feature the sponsor’s logo, name or artwork. After being on display at the event, all cakes will be sliced and served free of charge to attendees.

Kingston Volunteer Firemen’s Museum:
William (Bill) Knowles and members of the museum board gave a presentation on the history and the importance of the museum in Uptown.  He requested letters of support to allow the governing body that has been formed to take ownership of the museum from the City.

The board agreed and committed to working with the museum board to provide letters to the mayor and to the common council at an appropriate time.

Other Business:
Garrity announced that the information kiosk near the traffic circle is under design to be sublet by a local entity who will help maintain the kiosk and the visitor information resources within.

Oderkirk –Motion to adjourn

Garrity- Second


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  September 2, 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Bender-Tymon
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KUBA Minutes- July 1st , 2015

Attending:   Quilty, Earl, Jordan, Garrity, Turco-Levin,  P. Tymon, Oderkirk, Soliva, Vanacore, Brooks, Loizou, Airhart

Guest Speaker: David Scarpino, Health Alliance

Guests:       Gerry Harrington,  Suzanne Cahill, Teresa Widmann, , Andrew Champ-Doran

Excused:     Perry, Tonner, Tampasis, Jacobi, B. Tymon

Loizou made a motion to approve the minutes from June Meeting, seconded by Perry, approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Anticipating around $4200 in Grant money from Nancy Doskov shortly.
  • Garrity to call CIX in regard to updating website to reflect five dollar fee for STRIPE users.

Pride/Beautification Committee:
Jordan mentioned that Timely Signs  agreed to donate the signs for the  planters in exchange for their annual membership fee.  The Timely Signs Logo has been added to the signs also.

Health Alliance:
David Scarpino gave us an update on the progress of the Health Alliance consolidation.  Scarpino stated that the Health Alliance is an integral part of our community. They need to be out in the community reaching out to everyone expressing their vision and making all Nationalities feel like they are welcome to the facility.

They have an environmentally healthy focus that promotes a feeling of “healing”  to the patient.

The future of the Health Alliance as it migrates to one Campus on Mary’s Avenue is more “Surgery Centric, and less Medicine centric.” They are moving toward handling a lot of “medicine centric “ patients   on an outpatient basis..  Their focus with communication& education is to do a better job with the patient and keep them “out of the Hospital”.

The Broadway Campus is earmarked to be what is called a “Healthy Village”  A Primary Care Facility with a focus on Family & Behavioral Healthcare. Also, Would like to see some alternative healthcare in the facility in the near future

Membership Update:
Brooks has resigned her position on the Board. She has sold Coffee Traders.  It will now be Uptown Coffee.  Earl has spoken with new owner, Jenna and she will become a member of KUBA shortly. She is very interested in joining committees and being very involved with KUBA.

Brooks stated that two new members joined KUBA recently.  There has been some confusion when people are signing up on the website. “Business name is coming up as the person’s name at times” The problem is being addressed. She will sit with Soliva & Oderkirk who have agreed to take over her tasks on the membership committee to ensure they have an easy transition.

Communication Committee:
Bender-Tymon suggested to everyone that going forward it would be a good idea for the KUBA Meeting Agendas & Meeting Minutes be accessible on the website, so Members, etc. are kept abreast of what we are doing.  All agreed it is a wonderful suggestion.  Earl will get Agenda & Minutes to Tymon going forward.

Wrap Up/Adjourn:

  • Garrity mentioned that the word “Men” in the KUBA documentation that is titled  “Kingston Uptown Business Men’s Association” has been removed.
  • Insurance policy is being reviewed to ensure that we are receiving the most cost effective plan for our needs.
  • KIOSK to be taken over soon. In discussion at this time, more to follow

Garrity –Motioned to adjourn

Airhart- Second the Motion

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  8:45AM- Wednesday, August 5th 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Earl

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KUBA Minutes- June 3rd, 2015

Attending:  Tonner, Jacobi, Quilty, Earl, Jordan, Garrity, Turco-Levin, Perry, P. Tymon & B. Tymon,  Oderkirk, Brooks, Airhart

Guests:        Brian Seche, Suzanne Cahill, Mayor Shayne Gallo

Minutes: May 6, 2015 – Levin made a motion to approve the minutes from Meeting, seconded by Jacobi, approved unanimously.

Pike Plan Update:

  • Rooftops- Perry informed us that Business owners were asked to take care of the initial inspection for the roof tops.  They have also been informed that they need to allow access to their buildings.
  • New Parking Lot– Perry mentioned that prepping is being done, such as drainage for water, etc. to prepare the locations for paving.  Trees will also be replanted, so they do not disrupt the paving in the future as they grow the ultimate goal is to have a multi-tiered lot at the Nekos/Frogmore location.

Corporate Membership:

Robert Tonner now has a Corporate Membership with KUBA. Going forward we would like to send a letter out to Corporate Sponsors & Potential Corporate Sponsors to inform them about what perks are available at the “Enhanced Sponsorship Level”

Pride Committee:

Jordan mentioned that all of the Planters have been sponsored. She stated that she needs $150 to purchase new signs for planters.  Jordan motioned to approve purchase of signs, Jacobi seconded the motion, approved unanimously.  ColorPage may donate signs in exchange for Corporate Sponsorship

Fundraising Event:

$380.00 was raised in our fundraising event.  We will do this again in the near future.

Treasurer’s Report /Membership Update:

Brooks informed us that there are three new members. Loizou informed us that the KIOSK is being taken over by Health Alliance, So KUBA will not be responsible to cover any costs to run KIOSK in the future. She mentioned that we are charged a fee of five dollars when a member uses Stripe on our website to pay their membership dues. She stressed that we need to forward that cost on to the member. Tonner motioned to pass this fee on to our members when they renew, Quilty second the motion, approved unanimously. It was mentioned and agreed upon by everyone that we all need to make a concerted effort to pursue new members.  “It is everyone’s responsibility”.

Jacobi reminded us that we are waiting for $2000 in Grant money from Nancy Donskov. Jacobi stated   that all necessary invoices she requested have been submitted in order for her to release the Grant money to KUBA. At this time she has received everything that she needs and we are waiting to hear from her.

* As she has done in the past Jennifer Flynn from Frank Flynn’s office has done our nonprofit paperwork (9-90’s) at no cost to KUBA.  We need to thank her for her efforts and generosity

Quilty –Motioned to adjourn

Tonner- Seconde the Motion


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  July 1st, 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Earl

June 24, 2015
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KUBA Minutes- May 6th, 2015

Attending: Tonner, Jacobi, Quilty, Earl, Jordan, Garrity, Turco-Levin, Perry, P. Tymon & B. Tymon, Oderkirk, Soliva, Vanacore, Elise

Guests:        Brian Seche, Suzanne Cahill, Mayor Shayne Gallo, Gregg Swanzey

Excused:     Brooks, Airhart, Loizou

April 1st, 2015 – Jacobi made a motion to approve the minutes from Meeting, seconded by Quilty, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report:
Loizou was not present at meeting, but informed Garrity that our balance is $2415.70.

Parking/Curb Cut/Clean Sweep:

  • Perry mentioned that parking/Curb Cut passed Public Safety.
  • Blinking light is up on the corner of North Front Street & Wall Street.
  • No-left turn sign has been taken down.
  • Stairs and curb cut bids to go out.
  • Curb cut funding will be address at City Hall’s Finance Committee meeting on May 13th at 6:30.  All board members are encouraged to attend
  • Trees need to be trimmed & planters need to be painted where curb cut is.
  • Perry mentioned that there will be a “Welcome to Uptown Kingston” sign at curb cut also.
  • Jordan mentioned that Clean Sweep was a huge success. Pat Murphy informed her that five tons of garbage was collected.

Pride Committee:
Jordan mentioned that all of the Uptown planters have been sponsored for the 2015-2016 season.  She has encouraged everyone to start their planting.  One tree needs to be replaced in front of the Frogmore municipal parking lot.

KUBA Fundraiser:
In an effort to raise money for KUBA, Garrity explained her suggestion.  Five dollars per ticket.  Sold in May and winner will be announced at June meeting.  Each member of KUBA is encouraged to sell 10 tickets.  Soliva motioned to approve this fundraiser, Jacobi 2nd the motion.  Approved unanimously.

Snowflake Festival:
It was mentioned again that we should utilize Farmer’s Market as a fundraising source for the Snowflake Festival. There was some discussion as to whether, or not the market allows fundraising of any kind.  Garrity will reach out Brooks for clarification.

Burning of Kingston:
Raleigh Green reached out to Garrity and asked her to mention that there is a discount program for the Burning of Kingston in an effort to promote tourism & visibility in Kingston. Flyers were passes around with the details.  If anyone is interested please deal with Raleigh going forward.  He will answer any questions you have.

Hurley Library:
Hurley Library reached out to Garrity regarding their fundraiser for their Children’s Room at their new Library location.  (Former Key Bank building).  It is called “Bag Day” They would all KUBA members to know that their businesses can help raise funds by selling bags at their business location and offering 20% discount. The bags will advertise all businesses that are involved in the program.

Turco-Levin –Motioned to adjourn

Soliva- Second the Motion

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM

Next meeting:  June 3rd, 2015

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Earl

May 14, 2015
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KUBA Minutes- April 1st, 2015

Attending: Garrity, P. Bender –Tymon, Louzou, Jacobi, Oderkirk, Soliva, Quilty, Tonner, Perry, B. Bender-Tymon, Cahill, Airhart

Excused:  Turco-Levin, Earl

Guests:    Andrew Champ-Doran, Greg Swanzey, Brian Seche, Dominick Vanacore

The meeting was opened by President Jane Garrity

Introductions were made around the room

Minutes:  No minutes required approval as the last meeting was the annual event.

The Upcoming Parking Meeting:
Quilty informed the group that Brian Seche had provided a list of potential City of Kingston attendees.  Those confirmed included Greg Swanzey from Economic Development, Sue Cahill as City Planner, John Toohey, Ralph Swenson the City Engineer. Also invited or to be invited are Mayor Shayne Gallo, DPW Head Mike Schup, Finance Committee head Mary Ann Mills, and City aldermen.

Brian Seche will moderate the panel and Sue Cahill suggested KUBA educate the attendees on what particular topics they would like to discuss. Emphasis was made on making the meeting a constructive one versus airing complaints.  Among topics discussed were parking kiosks, smartphone metering, and reaching out to other local cities for example.

Perry stated that the outcome of KUBA’s partnership with the City should be an enforceable goal in the shape of a plan that will span Mayoral administrations, if required.

Garrity confirmed that the parking problem is definitely on the minds of new KUBA members.

Kingston Classic:

To be held on April 19.  KUBA donated $100 to the event and will promote it on the web site and KUBA Facebook page.

KUBA members will be encouraged to attend the pre-event dinner to offer discounts or specials to participants.

Kingston Clean Sweep:

A sign-up sheet was circulated. Oderkirk will contact the event coordinator to see what streets are available. KUBA volunteers will be notified by email.

Traffic Circle Kiosk:

Oderkirk indicated the kiosk is being underused. He checks weekly and the City maintains the grounds, but additional help with checking is desired. It was suggested that members be emailed to encourage them to stock the kiosk.

There is a possible sponsorship and collaboration pending with the Lion’s Club in return for promotion.


Garrity thanked Donna Brooks for her ongoing hard work to deliver a complete member email list.

Brooks stated that five new members had joined since the Annual Meeting.  She also has a number if invoices out for renewal.

Brooks also asked for help with approaching potential new members as her afternoons are spent working at her other location.

He informed the board that new members who sign up on the web site are then added by Micah at CIX Designs as notifications arrive.  Member who pay manually will be added monthly.

Brooks will review the membership list on the web site quarterly to ensure that it accurately reflects current membership status.

Brooks and Garrity also commented on the fact that an impromptu meeting involving Jane, Donna, Philip, Bill, Elenie and Micah had taken place to ensure procedures were agreed upon and in place to avoid membership oversights.


P. Bender-Tymon reported that the web site was up and running well and that we had indeed confirmed that Stripe was working for membership.

He also stated that he was continuing to comb through for typos, incorrect images and broken links.

Bender-Tymon said that Facebook was currently not working as planned but that non-member authors and connections had  been removed and that all current members had been “Liked” and non-members “Unliked” to create a fair playing field in terms of repostings.

Oderkirk volunteered a social media person in his employ to help him figure out the Facebook lost functionality.

Bender-Tymon also stated that Kevin Godbey had reached out to him the day before and would be meeting with him at a business mixer at Keegan Ales that evening to discuss collaboration opportunities between KUBA and Kingston Happenings.  He will report back to the board sometime after.


Louzou and Jacobi reported that they will be working together to transfer knowledge and access over in the coming days.

Jacobi reported that there was currently $2,000 in the bank account, thanks in large part to new memberships and sponsorships. Tonner Doll was announced as KUBA’s first corporate sponsor.

It was also confirmed that $1,000 had been paid out to CIX Design against their web redesign and launch invoice.

Louzou and Jacobi will continue to work together with the officers to address new signing access, debit cards and P.O. Box access.

Forsythe Park Playground Rebuild:

Louzou announced that volunteers are being sought for this project. Following demolition by the City, a complete rebuild of the playground will take place April 22-26 sponsored and led by the Junior League.

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Louzou or Mary Kate Matthews.

Additional discussion:

Burning of Kingston:  Garrity stated that Raleigh Green had requested to speak at the April meeting and had emailed quite a long list of suggestions and information about upcoming events.

In particular, the Burning of Kingston reenactment will take place on October 17. Starting at 2pm, the troops will commence from Academy Green into Uptown.

Businesses are encouraged to consider possible discounts or specials for customers in costume.

For more information or to share ideas, members should contact Raleigh Green.

Snowflake Festival: Perry says he will be emailing members soon to start setting up planning meetings.

Asked if he already had volunteers to help, he said he had already had interest from Brooks, Tonner, Karen Clark Adin, Louzou, Jordan, Haynes Llewellyn, Harris Safier, Juliann Fisher, Nan Potter, Earl and Turco-Levin.

United Way:  Quilty announced that the United Way had requested permission to promote the Dancing with the Stars event at the next meeting.  Garrity asked him to have them email her a request.

With no further comment, Jane Garrity adjourned the meeting at 9:47 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Philip Bender-Tymon


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No Meeting

Replaced by KUBA Annual Meeting
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KUBA Minutes- February 4th, 2015

Attending:  Tonner, Jacobi, Quilty, Earl, Jordan, Garrity, Turco-Levin, Perry, Airhart, Tymon & Tymon

Guests:        Brian Seche, Suzanne Cahill

Excused-    Oderkirk, Brooks

Minutes- January 7th, 2015 – Perry made a motion to approve the minutes from Meeting, seconded by Quilty, approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report/QuickBooks Update Tom gave the updated Treasurer’s report and copies were handed out. Brooks and Jacobi are working on budget for Quick Books.

Membership/Communications Committee- Website is ready to go.    Members can post ads now and email us.   We really need memberships! It will be launched soon through Face Book.

Next step is to promote our website. Earl offered to go around to Uptown businesses with cards showing website information. Turco- Levin suggested we use reasonable.

Clean Sweep-   Uptown Clean Sweep is Saturday May 2nd.  It is all day long.  You can pick up the itinerary Friday afternoon, or Saturday at 8:00 AM.

Nominating Committee-   Jane Garrity is our new President. Eleni Loizou is our new Treasurer. They will transition into their positions over the next month, or so.  There are approximately, three positions on the Board that need to be filled.

Annual Meeting– Tonner gave dates LQBTQ is available.  Everyone decided 2/25/15, or 2/26/15 will work. Tonner will reach out to LGBTQ.

Oderkirk –Motion to adjourn

Garrity- Second

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  March 4th

Respectfully submitted,

Stephanie Earl

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KUBA Minutes – January 7th, 2015

Attending: Tonner, Jacobi, Garrity, Earl, Brooks, Jordan, Quilty, Perry, Soliva, Oderkirk, Tymon

Excused: Levin, Tampasis, Airhart

Minutes-   December 3, 2014 – Jacobi   made a motion to approve the minutes from the meeting, Oderkirk second the motion.  Approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s ReportJacobi gave update on Treasurer’s report. Jacobi mentioned that we need to bring more members on board. Income is very weak. Intuit is an easier program to understand.  Invoicing is being done through QuickBooks.

MembershipBrooks mentioned that she has a pretty accurate list and will handle all of the renewals. Some renewals have slipped through the cracks.  Jordan & Tymon will handle business development portion of membership.

Communications Committee – Micah from CIX Designs gave a demonstration of what new website will look like. Main sections of the website to include:

  • Home page; About Us- to include our Mission Statement
  • Points of Reference
  • Blog
  • Snowflake Festival -Specifics on Blog

Micah discussed the importance of having a list of our members on the website. He recommended the importance of having a Blog on the website.   He suggested four to six Board members should be designated to have a “job” on the Blog.  One main person should be designated to be the Author.

Made In Kingston –  Tonner mentioned that the 2nd Annual Made in Kingston Event at 721 Broadway was very successful!

Snowflake Festival/New Year’s Eve ball Drop- Perry mentioned that he would like to start fundraising efforts as soon as possible for 2015 Snowflake Festival.  New Year’s Eve Ball Drop had a wonderful turnout.  Restaurants were busy

Quilty made a motion to adjourn: Garrity second the motion, approved unanimously

Meeting adjourned: 10:00 AM

Next meeting:  February 4, 2015- 8 AM-Pike Plan meeting to follow

Stephanie Earl

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