Kingston Uptown Business Association – 2016 Board Meeting Minutes

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KUBA_UptownProudThe Kingston Uptown Business Association (KUBA) meets the first Wednesday morning of the month at 8:30 at Catskill Hudson Bank, located at 95 Schwenk Drive in Kingston.

KUBA members are always welcome to attend, but seating is very limited.  Discussion at the meetings will be strictly limited to the agenda established for that day. Any requests to present or to be part of the agenda must be made at least one-two weeks in advance by submitting an email to:

Minutes for each meeting are approved by the Board at the following meeting (for example, the minutes for July were approved by the Board at the August meeting). Once approved, those minutes will be added to this page.

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KUBA Minutes- April 6,  2016

Attending:  Garrity, P Bender-Tymon,  Perry,  Jordan,  Loizou,  , Earl, Cahill,  Turco-Levin, Soliva, Jacobi ,  Tonner, Beckwith- Papula and Liotta

Excused: Quilty,  Airhart, Brewer, Oderkirk 

Guests:         Douglas Koop and Mayor Noble

Meeting started at 8:40 am

March Minutes – Turco-Levin   made a motion to approve the minutes from the February   Meeting, seconded by Jacobi , approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Savings account has been opened with $4500.  There is $9,345.34 in checking account at this time.

Membership Committee
Soliva stated that mailbox is being checked, renewals are coming in and they are locking down the process. There are 111  paid memberships and 35 first time members due to the Membership drive  They are not certain when all memberships expire at this time. An outline was handed out that stipulates how membership documentation is handled from beginning to end. A target list of potential KUBA members was also handed out.

Beautification Committee
Jordan mentioned that there are still 5 open Planters that have not been confirmed.  She is working on getting this squared away. Clean Sweep is scheduled for Saturday, May 7th from  9am to 12pm. Students from Kingston High School will be helping out with painting some of the planters that are in bad shape.

Communications Committee
Tymon stated members page has been updated.  We are now able to do a mass mailing.  Highlights from KUBA will be sent to members monthly.  At the end of each meeting five bullets will be decided on. Jordan mentioned that they would like to initiate Instagram.

Amendment to By-Laws
Garrity  proposed that we add an additional person to the Executive Team. Having a Director of Communications on the Board is critical to the continuity of communication and to fulfill the needs of our Board going forward as we progress. Responsibilities include internal communication between committees and managing KUBA’s interface with electronic communications.  Adding an additional elected official requires an amendment to the By Laws which has been completed . The Board has approved this addition to the By Laws unanimously.  Phillip Bender –Tymon will be added to fill the position as Director of Communications at our annual elections on April 21st .

Mayor Noble
The Mayor stated that he appreciates KUBA’s interest and hard work in Uptown Kingston.  He is very interested in listening to KUBA’s needs on behalf of Uptown businesses.  Topics covered:

  • Clean –Up.  The mayor mentioned that in the past the coordination of clean –up has not been well organized.  Maintenance has not been diligent about cleaning up receptacles after Farmer’s Market.  He stressed that going forward  maintenance will be there to maintain receptacles after the Farmer’s Market on a continuous basis. When there are other events being held the “ Event Owner” is responsible for the removal of garbage. The event owner is also required to get a  Permit when an event takes place that  outlines that there is a carry-in/carry-out policy.  He mentioned that he will be streamlining the permit process to ensure event owners are following procedures.
  • Parking/Parking Lots- The Mayor mentioned that he has asked the Council for a Parking Management study to be done to see what price points are most effective for the Uptown area. The study will involve what policies and procedures should be followed. He stressed that meters need to go.  We need better technology, for example a Kiosk like other cities have.
  • He feels that the parking lots should be” paid parking lots.”  The City needs the revenue source. Reconstruction of the two Front St. Lots will be completed in the upcoming months.  There needs to be effective communication to the public to lessen impact during the construction.
  • Trolley/Shuttle- mayor is trying to determine what the best solution is for a Shuttle. He is looking at different business models. In  process of figuring out the logistics. A pilot program is coming down the line.
  • Wayfinding Signage – The Mayor agrees that the signage is not good.. When you come off of the Thruway there is no signage to show you where to go.  It is on his Agenda.
  • Sales Tax-  Mayor stated that it is very clear that the City needs sales tax revenue.  County seat has stressed the need for revenue, but does not want to impact the community.
  • Mayor stressed that if you have any questions, or you need to speak with him, please reach out to Lindsay in his office.

Garrity reminded everyone that Elections are being held Thursday, April 21st at 5:30 at Two Ravens Restaurant – 316 Wall Street.  An email blast will be sent out.  Please try to be in attendance.

Reminder- Clean Sweep is Saturday, May 7th from 9am to 12pm. Please  call Mayor’s  office, or Julie Jordan if you are interested in helping out.

Please note-There will be no meeting in July

Garrity  – Motion to adjourn  Soliva– Second the motion

Meeting adjourned at 10:am -Next meeting:   Wednesday – May 4th , 2016

Respectfully submitted,
Stephanie Earl

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