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Welcome to Kingston.

And welcome to the new web presence and the central digital information source for the Kingston Uptown Business Association (KUBA).  We’re glad you’re here and excited to announce this little labor of love that we’ve undertaken to help convey the KUBA message, spirit and value to our members, our community and our city.

It’s fortuitous that we’re launching this new presence at such an amazing time in our history.  Kingstonians know that passing years and various trials have transformed our city, but they also know that Uptown Kingston is on a type of  skyward trajectory unseen in many years.

I know – because I’m a business owner and resident in Uptown.  And it’s a great time to be both.

Kingston is undergoing a renaissance.  Some call us ‘the new Brooklyn’ (along with other, former potential ‘Brooklyns’ along the way).  But it’s fair to say that we’re getting pretty darn cool.

We’re seeing people and businesses flock here from – well, everywhere – for our history; our lively arts scene; our amazing restaurants and bistros; and our diverse, friendly and gorgeous way of life.

KUBA was formed to help support and develop that excitement by bringing together the business owners – the people that are working to create and sustain this new Uptown experience – to give them a shared voice and a shared vision that will help create and sustain the exciting now-and-future of Uptown.

We hope you’ll find this web site helpful and informational.  And if you are an Uptown business owner, we hope you’ll consider being a part of this family of visionaries.

Check out our roster of member firms, peruse our testimonials , and find out what we’re about.

But most of all, be sure to bookmark our site, and to Like/Follow us on Facebook.

This is the beginning of a new chapter – and there are great things ahead!

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